Dating websites lure to join

However, if the user wanted to be able to contact potential dates, they would have to upgrade from a free membership.

Once a user had set up a free profile, he or she would begin to receive messages from another member living nearby.

People are meant to be social, to develop connections.

Most human beings, regardless of culture, seek out some form of relationship with other individuals.

However, in a world where money does not grow on trees and can’t be taken for granted, dating rich men with stable income has to take significant precedence over other important qualities including age and looks.

The user would be unable to respond to these messages unless they set up a paid subscription.The subscriptions cost - a month, and were for a period of one month to a year.The messages received by the users were almost always from a fake, computer generated profile that the company JDI had created.Besides financial gain, catfishers are sometimes people who prey on others and gain pleasure from online communications and manipulation.You also might hear the terms catfish or catfishing. When you find large numbers of people in a location or doing an activity, you'll inevitably find others who see an opportunity to take advantage of them.

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