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For Blizzard games, it is important to download and install all software updates, as our games are designed for the latest version of the supported system requirements.

See Apple's OS X: Updating OS X and Mac App Store app page for Software Update instructions.

Free J is released free under the GNU General Public License (v3).

:: FEATURES reads and renders layers from multiple sources: webcams, TV, divx/avi movies, images, txt files and more can encode in Ogg/Theora video, recording on local file and streaming live to an online Icecast server can be controlled from remote: VJo E - Vee Jay over Ethernet can be scripted in object oriented javascript supports frei0r and freeframe video plugins very efficient video engine with multithreaded layers Emacs/Vi style console with hotkeys and completion multiple controllers at the same time (Midi, Joystick etc.) 100% Free and open source, GCC 4 compliant portable code :: HISTORY This software started being developed as a digital instrument Jaromil used in dance-theater performances. In 2003 Kysucix joined development contributing the streaming feature and helping to include the javascript parser.

Free J can be controlled locally or remotely, also from multiple places at the same time, using its ascii console interface; operations can be scripted in javascript and triggered live via keyboard, mouse, MIDI controllers, Joysticks, OSC clients, Wiimotes and more devices.

Deblobbed Tegra gpu, Atom ISP v4l, RTL8723BS Wi Fi, and HCILL and Nokia H4 BT.You can find the latest Combo Update for your operating system located on Apple's Support Download​ page.Linux, the kernel developed and distributed by Linus Torvalds et al, contains non-Free Software, i.e., software that does not respect your essential freedoms, and it induces you to install additional non-Free Software that it doesn't contain.The instructions below will help you check and update your drivers.Experienced users can download and install the latest motherboard chipset drivers to help resolve rare issues caused by outdated motherboard chipset drivers.

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