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Ever since the Housing Bubble bottom in 2009 we have suspected that this will be the “big one” of this lifetime for all around to see it.

That’s because none of the excesses of the financial system have been resolved, as an inspection of the Dollar’s purchasing power will reveal.

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In 6.1, both of these glyphs are off the table for Prot.

That said, I don’t think either of these removals were actually targeted at reducing our DPS.

If you haven’t been following the prot DPS scene, you may not know that we were doing a lot of damage in early January.

We got hit with a series of nerfs to help rein that in, including a nerf to Seraphim (down from 1000 of each stat to 750 for prot), collateral damage from a giant 80% nerf to Seal of Truth (see below), and a nerf to the Alabaster Shield glyph (from 10% per stack to 3%).

The way this POS economy has been kept alive has been by watering down the purchasing power of money by the same amount as the Gross National Theft.

Of course, the downside is that you give up a lot of defense by using it.

That’s a pretty fair trade-off, but it did lead to a lot of high-DPS parses in early Highmaul that ruffled the feathers of pure DPS classes.

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